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Musical Montage: Kid ‘N Play “Fun House”

A 90s cult classic, the first House Party cemented Kid ‘N Play as some of the coolest and funniest acts in hip-hop.  Originally written for Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin took over the title roles as essentially themselves as Play hosts a slamming House Pary while his parents are out of town and all kinds of shenanigans ensue, mostly to Kid when he’s trying to get to the party and then get home.  Being a movie centered around a party, the soundtrack is packed to the gills with fantastic early 90s hip-hop, most of it provided diegetically by party DJ Bilal (Martin Lawrence).  Strangely enough, Kid ‘N Play didn’t actually perform the title track, “House Pary”, that was an all-star effort between Full Force, Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam, Ex-Girlfriend, UTFO, Doctor Ice and Cheryl Pepsii Riley.  Besides their fantastic mid-movie rap battle, Kid ‘N Play performed “Fun House” for the soundtrack album.  Despite all the great songs, the soundtrack album didn’t do too great when released, peaking at #104 on the Billboard charts.  For the music video, Kid ‘N Play deliver a version of how they were discovered and got to star in House Party, with cameos from Tommy Davidson, LL Cool J, and Martin Lawrence.  Check it out below.

As a Bonus, you can check out the actual title track of House Party below:

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