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Up to Speed: Archer Season 11

Archer and the gang are back tonight (9/16) on FXX (or tomorrow on Hulu) and the biggest news for the new season is that Archer has finally woken up from his three-year coma, so Mallory, Lana, Cyril, Kreiger, Cheryl, Ray, and Pam are all back to their “normal” selves after three seasons of genre-bending adventures inside Archer’s head.  There are sure to be plenty of callbacks and references to past misadventures, as usual, this season and, luckily, FX has put out a 10 season recap giving you the cliff notes version of what happened on every prior season of Archer and the major moments to remember and you can watch the video below and then catch the season 11 premiere at 10 pm EST on FXX or the next day on FX on Hulu.

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