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Horror Villain of the Week: Marlow Roderick

By Zach

Name: Marlow Roderick

Portrayed by: Danny Huston

Origins: Marlow was a vampire of undetermined age who lead a brood of fellow vampires.  Marlow learned of the town of Barrow (Now called Utqiagvik) , AK where the town sees 30 days without the sun every year.  Marlow works with a human agent in town to disrupt the transportation and communications, cutting the town completely off from aid.  Once the town is isolated, Marlow and his brood arrived to feed on the unsuspecting and ill-prepared residents.

Powers: Invulnerable to most conventional attacks, super speed, super strength

Weapons of Choice: Fangs, bare hands

Main Adversary: Sheriff Eben Oleson

See Marlow in Action:


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