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The Boys on Comixology

By Chris

Sponsored by Comixology

If you have been seeking out something a more mature element to the average modern-day superhero story, The Boys on Amazon Prime Video was the marathon watching TV show to super-powered jerks that step out of line get put back in their place. But if you are one of the many people that have finished all two seasons recently, you are probably craving for the next season right away.

Fortunately, fans can return to the original source of the show and read up on Dynamite Comics’ The Boys series. All the thrilling and shocking moments that inspired the tv show still hold up in the comic form. All the fan-favorite characters on the show appear, with a slightly different approach to some background elements. But Billy Butcher is still in charge, Hugh is still naive, Mother’s Milk is unflappable, Frenchie is still wild. And the Female? Don’t ever let her near your face or it’s going missing.

Comixology has the whole series on the Comixology Unlimited services which allows readers to delve into the twisted and ultra-violent story of The Boys and many more comic series for a monthly fee.

Click on this link to check out The Boys at Comixology.


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