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News Shotgun 10/31

By Zach

  • RIP Sean Connery: The legendary Sir Sean Connery has passed away at the age of 90.  He passed away in his sleep in the Bahamas.  Connery was the first, and in our opinion best, James Bond actor but also became a cinema legend with performances in movies like Highlander, The Rock, Indiana Jones, and The Last Crusade, The Hunt for the Red October, The Untouchables and more.
  • Dave Bautista starring in “Universe’s Most Wanted”: Dave Bautista is starring in what sounds like a fun sci-fi/action/comedy from director Brad Peyton, who most recently brought us Rampage with The Rock.  Universe’s Most Wanted will star Bautista as an intergalactic lawman who comes to Earth after a spaceship carrying the galaxy’s worst criminals crashlands and the criminals escape.  Bautista has to team up with the son of a local sheriff in the town near where the ship crashed to stop the criminals from wreaking havoc across the planet.
  • Clive Barker joins the HBO Hellraiser series: HBO has been developing a Hellraiser TV series for a while but now the man behind it all, Clive Barker, is on board to help bring the series to life.  Barker joins the series as an executive producer and the show already has David Gordon Green and Michael Dougherty on board as directors.  The show will not be a remake of the original movie but will continue the franchise and expand the mythology of Pinhead and the Cenobites, although it’s not clear if Doug Bradley will return or if they will find a new actor for Pinhead.
  • People Under the Stairs remake in development: A remake of the Wes Craven classic The People Under the Stairs is in development with Jordan Peele as a producer.  Peele most likely will only produce, not write or direct, and no other director or casting was announced.  The original movie followed a young Black boy named Fool and two adult thieves who break into the home of the Robesons, who turn out to be maniacs with cannibal “children” living in their walls and their real daughter kept as a prisoner in their basement.
  • Patrick Wilson starring in and directing Insidious 5: After taking some detours into the past for the third and fourth movies, Patrick Wilson’s Josh Lambert and son Dalton Lambert, played by Ty Simpkins, are returning for a sequel to the second film in the franchise.  Dalton heads to college and most likely experiences some horrific things from “The Further”.  Wilson will also make his feature film directorial debut with Insidious 5.
  • Danielle Harris directing horror movie “Sequel”: Horror icon Danielle Harris is directing a new horror movie called Sequel that will produced by Joe Dante.  The movie is an “all-female slasher movie”  that will be “darkly comedic” but other plot details are scarce.  Harris has, in recent years, directed projects like 2008’s Prank and 2012’s Among Friends.
  • HBO Max getting a new Genndy Tartakovsky movie: With most of his catalog already on the service, it makes sense that HBO Max would be the home of a new Genndy Tartakovsky series.  Tartakovsky’s new show is Unicorn: Warriors Eternal and it follows a group of legendary warriors who reawaken in new bodies across history to battle evil but their latest regeneration comes too early and they awaken in the body of teenagers with their memories shattered and lacking control over their powers.
  • Tiny Toons revival coming to HBO Max: Also coming to HBO Max is a revival of the 90s classic Tiny Toon Adventures.  Tiny Toons Looniversity will find Babs, Buster and the rest of the Tiny Toons gang now in the college equivalent of Acme Looniversity, still learning the skills that will make them as legendary as their teachers, the Looney Tunes.  Steven Spielberg is returning to executive produce the series but, unlike next month’s Animaniacs revival, it’s not clear if the voice cast of the original series will return.
  • Ginger Snaps getting a TV series: The cult werewolf series Ginger Snaps is coming to TV in a new series from the producers of Killing Eve.  John Fawcett, who directed the original movie, is on board as an executive producer and he also recently co-created Orphan Black.  The movies followed teenage sisters Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald with a close bond that have to deal with the aftermath of Ginger getting bit by a werewolf and going through a dramatic transformation.  There was a sequel and a prequel in the original trilogy of films.
  • Live action Assassin’s Creed show coming to Netflix: It’s in the very early stages but Netflix is getting a live-action drama series based on the Assassin’s Creed franchise.  There’s no details on if it will be an original story or based on a specific game or games.  There are apparently animated and anime series on the way as well.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 delayed again: We’re going to have to wait slightly longer to hang out with cyber Keanu Reeves as Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed again to December 10th.  The game was set to be released on November 19th before the delay and CD Projekt Red says the difficulty of so many different consoles this year led to the need for another delay to develop a “Day 0” patch.
  • Oscar Isaac cast as Moon Knight for Disney+Oscar Issac is going to be guided by Khonshu as mercenary millionaire Marc Spector in the Disney+ original series Moon Knight.  Alongside She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight will make his debut into the MCU on Disney+, and then potentially appear in films later on.  Marc Spector was a mercenary who was on a mission in Egypt and sustains wounds that would have killed him but the god Khonshu appears to him and offers to save Marc in exchange for Marc becoming Khonshu’s avatar on Earth.  Marc used his wealth to create a fake identity and to build an arsenal of moon-based gadgets and vehicles to become Moon Knight.  Marc also suffers from Dissociative identity disorder and, especially recent comic runs, have explored the idea that Marc is just crazy and doesn’t have any Khonshu related powers.
  • John David Washington starring in Born to be Murdered: Netflix has acquired an upcoming thriller starring Tenet’s John David Washington called Born to be Murdered.  Washington will co-star with Alicia Vikander and the movie is about “a vacationing couple, played by Washington and Vikander, who fall prey to a violent conspiracy with tragic consequences”.  Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino is producing the movie and it will the English language debut for fellow Italian director Ferdinando Cito Filomarin.

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