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Everything Action Theater: T and T

By Zach

Since bursting onto the scene in 1982, Mr. T has been a beloved fixture of pop culture with his over the top sense of style and wholesome advice delivered with tough-guy swagger.  Most of us have seen Rocky III and The A-Team and maybe even the Mister T cartoon or DC Cab but a much deeper cut Mr. T show is 1987’s “T and T”.  Co-starring T and Alex Amini (and later Kristina Nicoll), the show followed TS Turner (Mr. T), who is a street tough fighter accused of a crime he didn’t commit, which seemingly combines elements of both BA Baracus and Clubber Lang.  Crusading lawyer Amanda Taler (Amini) helps get Turner free from the criminal charges and he teams up with her as a private investigator.  The duo proceeded to help other innocent people in trouble and battle organized crime and other criminal elements.  The entire series is on Youtube from the official Nelvana YouTube channel “Retro Rerun” and you can watch the first episode below.

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