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Hulu Brings Back The Hardy Boys in December (Trailer)

Seemingly following in the heels of The CW’s Nancy Drew reboots (although not in the same universe), Hulu is bringing the famous literary detective duo The Hardy Boys back in a new series launching in December.  Alexander Elliott and Rohan Campbell play Frank and Joe Hardy, brothers who move with their father to the small town of Bridgeport after a family tragedy involving their mother.  The boys start to gather clues that lead them to believe their mother was looking into some sort of mystery or conspiracy involving the town and they may be the new targets of the nefarious forces in the shadows that killed her.  The boys have a whole group of new friends to help them solve the case and it definitely has the vibe of a CW show, although the teen cast seems slightly younger than a Riverdale or Nancy Drew, which makes sense because it was Canadian production and is airing on their more kid-focused YTV network along with Hulu here in the US.  The show starts on December 4th and you can check out the trailer below.

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