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Scott Adkins Goes Jumanji/Scott Pilgrim with Max Cloud (Trailer)

We are always down for a Scott Adkins movie here at Everything Action and next month looks like a fun one with The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud.  Adkins plays the titular character, the ass-kicking hero of a 16 bit, side-scrolling action game.  Superfan Sarah (Isabelle Allen) finds herself sucked into the game Jumanji style and ends up in the body of Max’s sidekick Jake (Elliot James Langridge) and forced to join Max on his quest to save the galaxy.  Back in the real world, Sarah’s friend Cowboy (Franz Drameh) arrives and is able to talk to Sarah and offer some help via the game console, but his skills are not quite up to the level of Sarah’s.  Tommy Flanagan, Lashana Lynch, John Hannah, and Sam Hazeldine co-star, and the movie is directed by Martin Owen, who previously directed other meta-genre movies like LA Slasher, Let’s Be Evil and Killers Annonymous.  The movie is out on December 18th and you can check out the trailer below.

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