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The Pull List – Bill & Ted Are Doomed #3

Posted on November 10, 2020 by

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Evan Dorkin
Art: Roger Langridge

With a mix-up at a Scandinavian death metal festival, Wyld Stallyn finds themselves in front of an angry crowd. Worst yet, their presence at the festival has riled up the evil metal band Vile Empire. Escalating their frenzy fans, Vile Empire leads a wild hunt on the intruding company. Outnumbered and out of place, Bill and Ted must escape if they ever want to save the future.

While Bill and Ted struggle to connect with a new audience, the only thing these Vile Emperor fans want to see is Wyld Stallyn’s final appearance. When peaceful words fail to sway the angry crowd, their only option is to run away. Luckily, Wyld Stallyn hired the right driver for a situation like this, with Zahir helping everyone make a quick getaway. But Vile Empire is serious about the death aspect in death metal and will not stop their pursuit until Bill and Ted are captured.

Issue #3 picks up steam as felt missing in the previous entry. Bill and Ted get to confront their adversaries on stage and it goes predictable bad. Wyld Stallyn tranquil energy is hilariously contrasted by Vile Empire’s need to be as brutal as possible. It’s great to see Wyld Stallyn run around on pure luck and happenstance, never taking the situation too earnestly and bumbling thru the events. There a few side plot elements that haven’t fit entirely into the pacing, but the final issue gives everything a chance to see if it all comes together.

Bill & Ted Are Doomed #3 will be on sale on November 11th, 2020.

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