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The Pull List – Mars Attacks Red Sonja #4

Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Writer: John Layman
Art: Fran Struken
Colorist: Valentia Briški
Letter: Taylor Esposito

When Sonja and her band of rebellious warriors lay a surprise attack on the Martian invaders, but are greeted with Sonja’s own worst enemy. The Martian scientist Xi’Zeer unleashes his newest mutated creation, Green Sonja. Possessing Sonja’s destructive abilities and the Martian’s advanced weaponry, Green Sonja is a lethal combination. Swords will clash and blood will be spilled, but will it be red or green?

Sonja and princess Meredeen’s daring escape from the Martian stronghold was not a major loss for Xi’Zeer. In a twist of events, Xi’Zeer retained something far greater. The DNA of Sonja mixed with Martian’s genetics birth Green Sonja, a creature that will be Xi’Zeer’s alien warrior bride. Meanwhile, Red Sonja leads a raid and easily strikes down the small Martian force. But Sonja is greeted by an extraterrestrial double. It is a test of fierce barbian might against monstrous super-science as the two warriors duel on the battlefield.

John Layman takes an unexpected approach to the narration. in this issue. There are flashforwards and flashbacks that make the twist and turns a little harder to see coming but ultimately grabs the reader’s attention. Fran Struken’s depiction of Green Sonja is sleek and imposing. She looks to be almost double the size of the regular Sonja. It’s cool and odd to see the fusion of Martian facial structure upon a body with the ionic Sonja metal armor.

Issue four is a great chapter that pushes the story in a good direction, keeping it weird and fun. The story heads to a fifth and final chapter that keeps the reader guessing what’s to come and excited to see what other unimaginable things the Martians have up their green sleeves.

Mars Attacks Red Sonja #4 was released on November 18th, 2020.

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