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The Pull List – Bill & Ted Are Doomed #4

Posted on December 8, 2020 by

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Evan Dorkin
Art: Roger Langridge

Stuck on a wintry hilltop and surrounded by metalhead fans, Bill and Ted try to hide in plain sight. However, it’s not an easy job for two San Dimas guys and death to fit in with the crowd. Vile Emperor and associated bands are prepared to become the diabolic supergroup to form. Together, they will play the song to summon unholy creatures from the frozen wasteland and fill the world with their dark music. This will totally mess up the future that Wyld Stallyn was meant to create. Now is up to Wyld Stallyn to stop this dark terror and get their timeline back in order!

A comeback tour is a tricky process for most musicians. It has been an especially difficult task for Wyld Stallyn with a death metal rival Vile Emperor blackening their efforts. Now masquerading as gothic metal fans, Bill, Ted and Death learn about Vile Emperor’s plans. By invoking ancient gods, death metal will conquer the music world and beyond. Meanwhile, back in San Dimas, Stations and the robots have their own plan to save Wyld Stallyn. They have gathered enough materials and set off to make a daring rescue, even if they don’t know what they will be getting into next.

This chapter wraps up Wyld Stallyn’s journey with a strong performance by Dorkin and Langridge. The last-minute reveals and jokes are fun additions to the story, even if some are throwaway gags. There is nothing wrong with adding metal clowns and a mysterious goat to the mix. Dorkin ramps the story up with crazed occultists and ancient monsters that unexpectedly go wild.  Langridge’s cartoonesque designs are well detailed and emote great expressions. There are also fun little nods to previous Bill and Ted moments too.

This prequel does address some elements bridging the past and future events but doesn’t have quite the focus for certain fan-favorite characters. Regardless, Bill & Ted Are Doomed had a lot of personality to the art designs and charming plot that feels connected to the original source. It’s hard to dislike lovable misfits that want to sing from the heart, even if they don’t totally know the words.

Bill & Ted Are Doomed #4 will be on sale on December 9th, 2020

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