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Musical Montage: The Chemical Brothers “Get Yourself High”

Kung fu movies seem to be fertile ground for musical inspiration whether it be the rhymes of the Wu-Tang Clan or getting remixed for music videos, like The Chemical Brothers “Get Yourself High”.  Released in 2003, the song was a single for the duo and also appeared as a bonus track on their Singles 93-03 album.  Joseph Kahn, the director of Torque and most recently most of Taylor Swift’s music videos, directed the music video for “Get Yourself High”, which remixes and re-edits footage from the 1980s Shaw Brothers movie, The Two Champions of Shaolin.  Kahn digitally edited the footage, adding in digital lip-sync and slowing down the timing of the movie so it appeared the characters were singing.  The song was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording but lost to “Toxic” by Britney Spears.  Check out the music video below.

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