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News Shotgun 1/23

  • RIP Larry King: Legendary broadcaster Larry King passed away at age 87.  King hosted “Larry King Live” for 25 years on CNN and interviewed basically every single person you could imagine and in recent years went to streaming and hosted two shows for Ora Media, “Larry King Now” and “Politicking With Larry King”.
  • History of Horror Renewed for Season 3: Eli Roth is returning to AMC with a third season of his excellent exploration of the horror genre with History of Horror.  The show’s first two seasons have been extremely successful for AMC both live and with the uncut version available on Shudder and has gathered together tons of legends of the horror genre to discuss classic and hidden gems.  The third season will include the topics: “Sinister Psychics,” “Infections,” “Mad Scientists,” “Apocalyptic Horror,” “Sequels That Don’t Suck” and “Holiday Horror”.
  • No Time To Die delayed until October: With it seeming like things may not return to something resembling normalcy until the fall, the movie delays due to Covid-19 are continuing into 2021.  No Time To Die has moved from an April 2021 release date to October 8th, 2021.  Sony also shuffled a number of movies, including moving Morbius a year away to January 2022.
  • A second Game of Thrones prequel in development at HBO: HBO has greenlit another Game of Thrones prequel, this time a lighter and more humorous show based on George RR Martin’s Dunk and Egg novellas.  Dunk is Sir Duncan the Tall and Egg is Aegon V Targaryen, his squire, and the two travel Westeros getting into all kinds of misadventures.  The Targaryen’s will also be the focus of the other Game of Thrones prequel in development, House of the Dragon.
  • Netflix buys Connected from Sony Animation: The follow-up to Into the Spider-Verse from Chris Lord and Phil Miller and Sony Animation, Connected, is now heading to Netflix and is re-titled The Mitchells vs The Machines.  The movie stars Abbi Jacobson as Katie Mitchell, who is heading to film school.  Her dad Rick (voiced by Danny McBride) decides the entire family should drive Katie to college but the roadtrip turns into an apocalyptic battle for survival when technology goes haywire and machines start attacking humans.
  • Seth McFarlane wants to reboot The Naked Gun with Liam Neeson: During an interview for The Marksman with People, Liam Neeson revealed that he’s talked to Seth McFarlane about rebooting The Naked Gun with Neeson taking over the Leslie Neilsen role.  Neeson has collaborated comedically with McFarlane multiple times, including Ted 2 and A Million Ways to Die in the West but there’s no official word on this reboot yet.
  • HBO Max may be getting a Batman: TAS sequel series: A new series set in the world of Batman: The Animated Series may be coming to HBO Max.  The original series and Batman Beyond are both available now on HBO Max but this seems like it would possibly be a series set between the two.  Kevin Smith revealed on his Fatman Beyond podcast that he has heard the plans for a new Batman: TAS show from very reliable sources and believes it will happen.  It’s not clear if Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill would return as Batman and The Joker respectively.
  • Snowpiercer renewed for Season 3: The second season of Snowpiercer on TNT begins on Monday but the show has already been renewed for a Season 3.  When the show was first announced, it had already had two seasons ordered and this early renewal seems to confirm TNT’s confidence with the show.  The big addition to Season 2 is Sean Bean, who plays the mysterious Mr. Wilford.
  • The Muppet Show coming to Disney+: There’s lots of Muppets content already on Disney+ but the crown jewel is finally arriving next month as the entire run of the original Muppet Show will hit Disney+.  All five seasons will be available, with season 4 and 5 of particular interest as they never saw a DVD release.  The Muppet Show will be up on Disney+ on February 19th.
  • Peaky Blinders ending with Season 6: British crime drama Peaky Blinders will end with Season 6 of the series, although creator Steven Knight says he plans on a movie to fully wrap up the story of crime boss Tommy Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, in 1919 Birmingham, England.  The show is a BBC Two production that streams on Netflix in the US.
  • Zack Synder’s Justice League one movie: One of the most anticipated releases on HBO Max this coming spring is Zack Snyder’s Justice League aka The Snyder Cut.  The extended version of Justice League is over 4 hours long and was anticipated to be broken up into 4 “episodes” for its release on HBO Max but Zack Synder himself seemed to confirm that it will be one, uncut, movie and that it may get an R rating due to the nature of the footage he’s adding back in or creating new for the movie.

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