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Everything Action Theater: Super Mario World

Most fans are most familiar with The Super Mario Bros Super Show, featuring the delightful antics of Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells as the live-action versions of Mario and Luigi.  As new games came out, there were two other shows based on the famous plumbers, although both of them jettisoned the live-action segments.  The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 was, obviously, based on Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World was loosely based on the SNES’ Super Mario World.  The Super Mario World cartoon took things in a much more Flintstonesesque direction as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi (replacing Toad from the previous cartoons) helped a group of cavemen make discoveries like fire and the wheel and fought off the evil King Koopa, who was building an army of evil dinosaurs.  Walker Boone voiced Mario while Tony Rosato voiced Luigi and Harvey Atkin voiced King Koopa, who had all voiced the characters for the prior Super Mario Bros 3 cartoon.  The show ran on NBC for 13 episodes alongside Captain N in the fall of 1991.  You can watch the first episode “Fire Sale” below.

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