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Action Hero of the Week: John Shaft II

Name: John Shaft II

Occupation: Former NYPD detective, private investigator

Family: John Shaft (Father), JJ Shaft (Son), Maya Babanikos (ex-wife)

Allies: Carmen Vasquez, Rasaan, Diane Palmeri, Carla Howard, Sasha Arias, Freddie P, Special Agent Vietti, Mike Palmeri, Frank Palmeri, Detective Luger, Big Man Leon

Enemies: Walter Wade Jr, Peoples Hernandez, Jack Roselli, Jimmy Groves, Gary Cutworth, Pierro “Gordito” Carrera, Bennie Rodriguez

Weapon(s) of Choice: Glock 19, Kahr K9, Ithaca 37, Mossberg 590, Colt Rail Gun

Body Count: at least 17

Memorable Quote: “I see you someplace I don’t think you belong… I will kill you”

See John in Action:


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