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Anson Mount Hunts a Mystery Target in The Virtuoso (Trailer)

Hell on Wheels and Star Trek: Discovery star Anson Mount becomes a deadly and methodical hitman in The Virtuoso, hitting theaters and digital rental in April.  Mount is the titular Virtuoso, a professional hitman who is given a new mission by his mentor and boss, The Mentor (Anthony Hopkins).  Given only a location and cryptic clue (White Rivers), The Virtuoso has to identify and take down his target.  He gets distracted by a waitress in the local diner (Abbie Cornish) and there’s a local Deputy (David Morse) who seems like he may have something to hide.  It’s being pitched as a noir style, cloak and dagger thriller and it seems fairly solid if not that original or exciting looking.  The movie is out in theaters and “everywhere you rent movies” on April 30th and you can check out the trailer below.

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