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Emilia Clarke is an FBI Witness Scorned in Above Suspicion (Trailer)

True crime has exploded as a genre in the last few years and Philip Noyce, the director behind Salt and the Harrison Ford Jack Ryan movies, tells the late 80s story of FBI witness Susan Smith in Above Suspicion.  Emilia Clarke plays Smith, a woman living in Kentucky who became an informant and witness for the FBI, specifically a rookie superstar agent Mark Putnam (Jack Huston).  Smith’s information leads to the arrest of notorious bank robber Carl Edward “Cat’s Eye” Lockhart but Susan pursues a relationship with Mark despite the fact that he is married.  Their affair and the consequences escalate until it reaches a conclusion you can look up but we won’t spoil here.  Johnny Knoxville, Thora Birch, Sophie Lowe, Omar Benson Miller, and Kevin Dunn co-star.  The movie has hit seemingly every other country besides the US since 2019 but it will finally reach US theaters and “everywhere you rent movies” on May 14th.

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