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Everything Action Theater: King Kong vs Godzilla

By Zach

If you’ve watched Godzilla vs Kong and you want to see more battles from the two kaiju titans, you can check out their original title fight, King Kong vs Godzilla, from 1962.  Produced and distributed by Toho, King Kong vs Godzilla is the third movie in the Godzilla franchise and the first of two movies that Toho made featuring King Kong.  The setup for the battle between the two legends is that a pharmaceutical company, Pacific Pharmaceuticals, is looking for a way to boost the ratings for a TV network they own.  They hear about a monster on Faro Island (not Skull Island as in almost every other Kong movie) and an expedition is sent to capture it.  It turns out to be King Kong and they manage to sedate the giant ape with berries and transport him on a raft back to Japan.  Kong gets free and Godzilla, who was awakened by a collapsing iceberg, also arrives back in Japan.  The two battle but Kong is no match for the King of the Monsters in their first skirmish but somehow electricity gives him more power and the two square off for their final battle.  Legendary stop motion animator Willis O’Brien, who created the original King Kong, had created a concept where King Kong would fight a giant Frankenstein’s Monster.  The project was shopped around and eventually bought by Toho, with Frankenstein’s Monster changed to Godzilla.  King Kong vs Godzilla has the highest attendance in Japan of any Godzilla movie to the present day, with over 11.2 million tickets sold.  You can check out the entire movie below (in its English dub).

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