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Everything Action Commentary: Bloodfist

For the latest Everything Action Commentary, Zach, Chris, and special guest Janice watched the 1989 cult kickboxing classic, Bloodfist.

Starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson as Jake Raye, the movie finds Jake heading to Manila to find out who killed his brother, who was a participant in a brutal kickboxing tournament called the Red Fist.  A mysterious trainer named Kwong approaches Jake and tells him that one of the fighters in the tournament killed his brother and he’ll have to enter the tournament himself if he wants to get justice.  The Everything Action crew tries to figure out what exactly is a Bloodfist, how an idiot like Baby is a contender in the Red Fist, the theme of the strip club where Baby’s sister Nancy works, the weird local stalker of Baby, volcano running training and more.  The movie is available to stream on Prime Video and you can sync up the movie and watch it along with the Everything Action Crew.

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