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Everything Actioncast Ep 530 “Mortal Kombat, Oscars, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Castlevania and More”

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This week on the Everything Actioncast, Zach and Chris discuss the recent Oscar winners, dive deep into spoilers for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Mortal Kombat, the new trailers for Castlevania and Sweet Tooth, badass female spies in Haywire and The Long Kiss Goodnight and more.

  • News: 2021 Oscar winners, Sweet Tooth and Castlevania Season 4 trailers, Invincible renewed for two more seasons, Adam Wingard in talks for another Godzilla/Kong movie, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier showrunner co-writing Captain America 4.
  • Show and Tell: Zach and Chris both watched The Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale and Mortal Kombat while Chris also saw Haywire and Zach saw The Long Kiss Goodnight and Monster Hunter.

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