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Spanish Action Comes to Netflix in June with Xtreme (Trailer)

Coming from Spain, Xtreme looks like it’s going to bring some cool comic-book-style action to Netflix in June.  Starring Teo Garcia as Maximo, he’s a retired hitman who has spent years on a plan to exact revenge against his stepbrother Lucero (Oscar Jaenada), who killed Maximo’s father and son and left Maximo himself for dead.  Max’s timetable for his plan gets bumped up when Lucero and his men slaughter the family of Leo (Oscar Casas), a teenager that Max looks out for.  Max’s sister, played by Andrea Duro, joins him on his mission and they have one shot to take out Lucero and his men.  It looks like a pretty awesome mix of action, including hand-to-hand, shootouts, and sword fights and it definitely seems like it’s taking cues from stuff like John Wick.  The series arrives on Netflix on June 4th and you can check out the trailer below.

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