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Past Winners Collide in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (Trailer)

2019’s Escape Room was a surprisingly fun horror movie that was also an unexpected worldwide hit, making over $155 million on a $9 million budget.  Sony obviously got a sequel into production and, after a few delays, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions arrives in July.  Taylor Russell and Logan Miller are back as Zoey and Ben, the survivors of the first movie’s series of deadly puzzles.  They were determined to track down the mysterious group behind the game but now it seems like they are sucked into a new, more elaborate escape room with a bunch of fellow survivors who also previously played and “won” escape rooms.  Adam Robitel is back to direct after directing the first movie and it looks like it’s continuing the first movie’s “Saw lite” style while incorporating actual elements of real escape rooms into its deadly traps, like word and logic puzzles.  The first movie seemed like it was trying to set up some sort of grand conspiracy and hopefully, this new movie doesn’t get too bogged down by that and just delivers some fun puzzle set pieces as the first did for most of its runtime.  Tournament of Champions arrives on July 16th and you can check out the trailer below.

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