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Nicolas Cage is on a Quest for His Kidnapped Pig in July (Trailer)

Just when you think you have the typical Nicolas Cage movie figured out, you get a swerve like Pig.  Coming in July, Pig stars Cage as a truffle hunter named Rob who lives in the Oregon wilderness with his beloved pet pig, who sniffs out the truffles for him.  When his pig is kidnapped, Rob heads to Portland and has to confront his past and figure out who has his pig.  It looks much more dramatic than I think a lot of people were expecting when the premise for this movie was revealed and a lot of us thought it might have been more of a ridiculous Taken clone with Cage fighting a bunch of goons for his pig.  Alex Wolff co-stars and the movie was directed by Michael Sarnoski, who previously worked on TV shows like Olympia and Fight Night Legacy.  The movie is out on July 16th and you can check out the trailer below.

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