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Musical Montage: The Prime Movers “Strong As I Am”

With Michael Mann’s Manhunter celebrating its 35th anniversary this past weekend, it seems like the perfect time to feature another song from its soundtrack.  We previously featured Red 7s “Heartbeat” in Musical Montage and now we have “Strong As I Am” by The Prime Movers.  The Prime Movers formed in 1983, three years before Manhunter hit theaters in 1986, and were part of a post-punk, psychedelic revival that was happening in the mid-80s in Los Angeles.  Michael Mann was a big fan of the group and a regular at their live shows and when it came time to craft the soundtrack for Manhunter, he selected “Strong As I Am” to appear on it.  Mann also financed the music video for the song and his DP Dante Spinotti directed it.  The band eventually broke up in 1988 but three of the members created a new group called Dread Zepplin, which became famous for its reggae style Led Zepplin covers.  Unlike the previously featured “Heartbeat” by Red 7, whose video didn’t really have anything to do with Manhunter, “Strong As I Am” features clips from the movie throughout.  Check it out below.

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