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Star Wars Goes Anime in September with Star Wars: Visions (Trailer)

George Lucas was inspired by, among other things, the works of Japanese master Akira Kurosawa and movies like The Hidden Fortress and things will come full circle in September when Star Wars is interpreted into wild new stories from nine Japanese anime studios with Star Wars: Visions.  Seemingly given free rein to interpret and tell stories however they like, Star Wars: Visions looks like it will have a wide range of tones and styles (and plenty of lightsaber battles) with big names like Brian Tee, Lucy Liu, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bobby Moynihan, Neil Patrick Harris, Alison Brie, Simu Liu, Masi Oka, Kyle Chandler, James Hong, David Harbour, Henry Golding, George Takei and Jamie Chung providing the English voice acting (the series will also be available in Japanese).  If you’re looking for something completely different from Star Wars, this seems like something to definitely check out when it hits Disney+ on September 22nd.  Check out the trailer below.

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