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Jeremy Renner and Kyle Chandler Get Gritty in Mayor of Kingstown (Trailer)

Following on the heels of its cable channel sibling’s success with Yellowstone, Paramount+ is also getting a gritty crime drama from Taylor Sheridan with Mayor of Kingstown.  Jeremy Renner and Kyle Chandler are Mike and Mitch McClusky, who are power brokers operating in Kingstown, Michigan, a town whose sole source of income is the local prison.  Dianne Weist plays the McClusky matriarch and Taylor Handley is another McClusky, Kyle.  Emma Laird, Hugh Dillon, and Aiden Gillen co-star, and Antoine Fuqua is one of the executive producers, along with Sheridan.  It looks like a solid prestige drama and it will be out on Paramount+ on November 14th, with the first episode directed by Fuqua.  Check out the trailer below.

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