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Horror Villain of the Week: Dr. Jack Griffin

Name: Dr. Jack Griffin

Portrayed by: Claude Rains

Origins: Dr. Jack Griffin was an assistant working for Dr. Cranley trying to develop a new method of food preservation.  Griffin loved Cranley’s daughter Flora but believed he wasn’t worthy of her because of his financial status.  While working for Cranley, Griffin discovers that a drug called Monocane combined with other chemicals can render a person invisible.  Griffin tests it on himself and becomes invisible but realizes that he does not know how to transform himself back and flees Cranley and Flora to work on a solution in isolation, going mad in the process due to side effects from the Monocane.

Powers: Invisibility, highly intelligent

Weapon(s) of Choice: Bare hands, nearby objects

Main Adversaries: Dr. Arthur Kemp, Police

See Griffin in Action:

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