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Cameron Monaghan Becomes the Prisoner of a Beautiful Psychopath in Shattered (Trailer)

Cameron Monaghan was the villainous Jerome on Gotham but he’ll find himself on the receiving end of a psychopath in next year’s thriller Shattered.  Monaghan is a tech millionaire, Chris, who falls for the mysterious and beautiful Sky (Lilly Krug) after his divorce.  Chris soon learns that Sky is a psychopath who orchestrates an attack that leads to his leg being broken, murdered her roommate and his holding Chris hostage, and torturing him to extract everything of worth from his life.  John Malkovich is a peeping tom who observes everything from his telescope and Frank Grillo is Sky’s accomplice.  Luis Prieto, who directed the Halle Berry movie Kidnap, is directing Shattered and it’s out on January 14th in select theaters, digital and VOD.  Check out the trailer below

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