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The Righteous Gemstones Return in January (Trailer)

It’s been over two years but The Righteous Gemstones is finally returning on HBO and HBO Max in January next year.  The most recent brilliant collaboration between Jody Hill, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, Season 1 introduced us to the obscenely wealthy Gemstone family, who run an empire of Christian megachurches.  John Goodman is the family patriarch, Eli, with Danny McBride playing Jesse Gemstone, Adam Devine playing Kelvin Gemstone and Edi Patterson playing Judy Gemstone.  Walton Goggins also co-stars as Eli’s brother-in-law and con artist, “Baby” Billy Freeman.  The Gemstones are up to their old tricks in the new season with new characters played by Eric Andre, Eric Roberts and Jason Schwartzman and it looks like another hilarious season of the show is in store.  The new season begins on January 9th and you can check out the trailer below.


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