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Musical Montage: Hailee Steinfeld “Starving”

Hailee Steinfeld is quickly becoming a geek icon between her fantastic work as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, voicing Vi on Netflix’s Arcane, voicing Spider-Gwen in Into the Spider-Verse, and next year’s sequel, Across the Spider-Verse, and helping to redeem the Transformers franchise with Bumblebee.  Outside of her acting roles, Steinfeld is also a pop singer with multiple top 40 hits under her belt, including “Starving”, which is her highest performing song to date.  Released in the summer of 2016, “Starving” was a collaboration with producer Zedd and the duo Grey and it climbed the charts to its eventual highest point of #12 on the Billboard charts as well as the top 10 in countries like Australia, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands and it ended the year at #94 on the year-end Billboard charts.  The song went 4x Platinum in the US.  A music video was released in September of 2016 directed by Darren Craig and you can check it out below.

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