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Musical Montage: Knoc-turn’al “Muzik”

One of the things that helped set apart the original Transporter movie, besides the excellent action from Jason Statham and directors Corey Yuen and Louis Letterier, was the soundtrack helping to drive the action.  The mix of rap and techno helped complement the car chases and fight scenes and probably the most memorable track from the soundtrack was “Muzik” by Knoc-turn’al. Along with appearing on The Transporter soundtrack, “Muzik” appeared on Knoc-turn’al’s EP, L.A. Confidential presents: Knoc-turn’al, which was released under his own label, LA Confidential, under the umbrella of Elektra Records.  “Muzik” only charted on the R&B charts outside the Top 100 at #110 but Knoc-turn’al continued to guest star on songs and he released two other albums since The Transporter.  The music video features footage from the movie but edited so that Knoc-turn’al is the one in Frank Martin’s trunk instead of Lai Kwai.  Check it out below.

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