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Musical Montage: The Dudes of Wrath “Shocker”

One of the more deep cut movies from horror master Wes Craven, Shocker is a ridiculous 80s slasher movie that followed a serial killer named Horace Pinker, who is captured and sentenced to death but, having made a deal with the Devil, he doesn’t die in the electric chair but instead becomes pure electricity and continues to kill.  Much like Dream Warriors and Friday the 13th Part VI a few years before, Shocker looked to the world of heavy metal and hard rock for the soundtrack with the title song, “Shocker”, being performed by The Dudes of Wrath.  The Dudes of Wrath was actually a supergroup comprised of Paul Stanley, Desmond Child, Vivian Campbell, Guy Mann-Dude, Rudy Sarzo, and Tommy Lee with backing vocals from Michael Anthony and Kane Roberts.  Groups like Megadeth, Iggy Pop, and Bonfire appeared on the soundtrack as well.  The soundtrack came out alongside the movie but, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an official music video that features the all-star lineup of The Dudes of Wrath in like, a prison, or about to be executed or something.  Instead, check out a video of the song below with clips from the movie from YouTube channel Music from Movies.

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