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Everything Action Theater: The Island

Sitting firmly in the middle of Michael Bay’s filmography as it’s not as terrible as the Transformers movies but nowhere near the level of something like The Rock is 2005’s The Island, which you can watch in the latest Everything Action Theater.  Starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, the duo are clones of wealthy clients, raised in a naive state believing they and the other citizens of their facility are the only remaining humans on Earth outside of a mythical “Island” where clones who win the lottery go.  In reality, the clones who win the lottery are needed for some sort of organ donation for their wealthy counterpart.  McGregor’s Lincoln Six Echo realizes the truth and escapes with Johansson’s Jordan Two Delta, leading to a massive chase as the facility’s security forces try to track them down and bring them back under orders from the evil overseer Dr. Merrick (Sean Bean).  The movie cost $126 million and made $162.9 million worldwide, which made it a box office bomb for Dreamworks and it was also sued by the creators of the schlocky 1979 horror movie Parts: The Clonus Horror, who claimed The Island infringed on their copyright.  The case was going to head to trial but Dreamworks settled out of court.  The entire movie is below thanks to YouTube.

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