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Musical Montage: Kesha “Nicolas Cage”

Like many of us, Kesha is a self-professed superfan of Nicolas Cage, claiming the one-of-a-kind movie star as one of her idols.  The pair were able to meet in person in January of 2020 at the premiere of Color out of Space, with Cage later in the most Cage way possible saying Kesha is a “great lady” and then things obviously started to go not so great for the entire world a few months later.  Kesha took the time in quarantine to craft an ode to her idol with the song “Nicolas Cage”, which she teased on social media before dropping it onto Soundcloud in April of 2020.  The song is full of references to Cage’s movies, like Leaving Las Vegas and National Treasure, and even features a clip from Kick-Ass where Big Daddy says “Good call, baby doll” and Kesha frequently says she is on some “Nicolas Cage Shit”.  Check out the video/song below.

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