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Musical Montage: The Whooliganz “Put Your Handz Up”

Best known today for Hawaii Five-0 and his role in the Ocean’s series, back in the day Scott Caan was one half of the rap duo The Whooliganz, going by the name Mad Skillz and working with Alan Maman aka Mudfoot, who is now known for his role as the hip-hop producer The Alchemist.  The duo met as teens in Beverly Hills and started performing around Los Angeles.  They got noticed by B-Real of Cypress Hill and joined the artist collective known as Soul Assassins, which consisted of Cypress Hill, House of Pain, and Funkdoobiest.  Touring with Soul Assassins got The Whooliganz a record deal with Tommy Boy Records and put out their album Make Way for the W, with the single “Put Your Handz Up” but the album and single didn’t really perform or get a lot of airplay.  The duo split shortly thereafter but reteamed in 2014 for the song “Byron G.” from the album Lord Steppington from the hip-hop group Step Brothers.  You can check out the video for “Put Your Handz Up” below.

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