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Action Heroes of the Week: Buster McHenry and Hank Storm

Names: Buster McHenry and Hank Storm

Occupations: Buster: Undercover Philadelphia cop

Family: Buster: N/A Hank: George Storm (Brother), Red Crow Storm (Father)

Allies: Barbara, Nema

Enemies: Bobby Marino, JJ, Detective Finch, The Skinhead, various Marino goons

Weapon(s) of Choice: Franchi SPAS-12, Franchi LF-57, H&K VP70, Smith & Wesson Model 686

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote:

Buster McHenry: Was that an old Indian praying for me last night?

Hank Storm: That’s right.

Buster McHenry: You don’t believe in that shit, do you?

Hank Storm: I *am* that shit.

See Buster and Hank in Action:


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