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News Shotgun 5/28/22

Here’s all the movie and TV news you need to know from the past week, it’s the News Shotgun

Gran Turismo movie in the works: As part of their Playstion Productions umbrella, Sony is turning properties like Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, and Twisted Metal into movies and TV shows, and Gran Turismo is apparently next on the list, as a movie is in development. District 9’s Neill Blomkamp is apparently in talks to direct but the plot of what a Gran Turismo movie would be are not clear yet. There were rumors of a Gran Turismo TV series for streaming but that was not true and this movie version is the real project in development.

Jodie Foster joins True Detective Season 4: Jodie Foster will be one of the detectives for the upcoming fourth season of True Detective, officially titled True Detective: Night Country.  Foster will play Detective Liz Danvers, who is investigating the disappearance of 6 men working at an arctic research station in Alaska.  Issa Lopez and Barry Jenkins are taking over the writing and directing duties of the new season and Foster will be one of the executive producers.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew announced: A new Disney+ Star Wars series was announced out of this week’s Star Wars Celebration, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.  Jude Law will star in the series, which comes from Spider-Man director Jon Watts along with Christopher Ford, Jon Favreau, and Dave Filoni.  The show will be set after Return of the Jedi around the same era as The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett and will be a sort of Amblin./80s throwback coming of age story following a group of kids who end up lost in the Star Wars universe and have to find their way back home.

RIP Ray Liotta: The fantastic Ray Liotta passed away this week at age 67.  His cause of death is unknown still but he was in the Dominican Republic shooting the movie Dangerous Waters.  Liotta was obviously best known for Goodfellas but also appeared in movies like Hannibal, Field of Dreams, Something Wild, Narc, Cop Land, No Escape, and more.  He was also memorably the voice of Tommy Vercetti in GTA: Vice City, the first GTA protagonist to have an actual voice and personality.  Liotta had shot an Apple TV+ series, Black Bird, and a movie, El Tonto, before his death.

Horizon Zero Dawn series coming to Netflix: Like the previously mentioned Gran Turismo, Horizon Zero Dawn is another Sony property getting adapted by Playstation Productions, this time as a series for Netflix.  There’s pretty much no other information but the news came out of a Sony Pictures business briefing.

Speed Racer series coming to Apple TV+: Apple is bringing the iconic racing anime Speed Racer to their streaming service with a new live-action series.  The show is coming from WB and Bad Robot with Hiram Martinez, who previously worked on Snowpiercer, and Ron Fitzgerald, from Westworld, as the main writers of the series.  The new show will be a complete reboot and not be related to the visually spectacular 2008 movie from the Wachowskis.

Rita Moreno joins Fast X: Film legend Rita Moreno is joining the Fast & Furious universe to play Dom’s grandmother.  Vin Diesel announced the news with an Instagram video featuring Moreno and Michelle Rodriguez.  F9 revealed Dom’s long-lost brother Jakob, played by John Cena, along with flashbacks to Dom and Jakob’s father, who died in a fiery racing explosion.

Netflix spy movie Our Man from Jersey adds cast members: The upcoming Netflix spy thriller Our Man from Jersey has added a slew of supporting cast members, including JK Simmons, Jackie Earle Haley, Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje, Jessica De Gouw, and Alice Lee.  Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry are starring in the movie, which follows Wahlberg as a normal construction worker who gets thrust into the world of espionage when his high school girlfriend, played by Berry, who is now a cover US agent, recruits him.  Ballers director Julian Farino is directing the movie.

Law Abiding Citizen getting a sequel: Almost 15 years since it hit theaters, a sequel to Law Abiding Citizen is apparently in development.  Village Roadshow Pictures is working with Kurt Wimmer, who wrote the first movie, on a sequel, although there are no plot details or news about if anyone from the first film is returning. The original movie starred Gerard Butler as a brilliant but psychotic engineer who goes on a mission of revenge when his family is murdered, taking out the murderer but then turning his attention to everyone in the criminal justice system he believes failed him, including a prosecutor played by Jamie Foxx.

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