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News – The Extra Fabulous Experience on Kickstarter

If you love ludicrous comics and unapologetically sexy party games, then Zach M. Stafford and Skybound have the perfect project for you. The Extra Fabulous Experience is a new project created by Stafford, the artist and creator of the hilarious extra fabulous webcomics, and Skybound Entertainment, the publisher and production company for The Walking Dead, Invincible, and the upcoming The Callisto Protocol. The Extra Fabulous Experience is a Kickstart campaign for fans to support Good Comics for Bad People: An Extra Fabulous Collection, a graphic novel collecting Stafford’s webcomic, and Boo-ty Call: A Game of Deduction and Seduction, a party card game where the objective is to hook up with ghosts.

Good Comics for Bad People: An Extra Fabulous Collection is a 6” x 8” hardcover collection containing 200 pages of Stafford’s popular comic strips. This will also feature guest creators like The Oatmeal, Cyanide + Happiness, and Perry Bible fellowship. Boo-ty Call: A Game of Deduction and Seduction is a party card game that mixes charades and Guess Who, but with a flirty twist. One player takes up the role of one of the ghosts on the board and the other players are thirsty mediums, who must ask questions to figure out which ghost they are. The medium that guesses correct, wins the round and it’s the start of another round and players can exchange the ghostly role.

Pledges start at $1 for a Digital Thank You Card, a minimum $15 pledge gets you the Good Comics for Bad People: An Extra Fabulous Collection PDF, and $55 gets you the hardcover edition of the graphic novel and a copy of Boo-ty Call. And for those with some extra love and cash, there’s the $500 tier which includes bonuses like an Extra Fabulous hat, a hand-drawn comic, your name appears in every copy of the novel, and a 1-year subscription to the “Green Letter Squad” mailing list.

The Extra Fabulous Experience campaign launched on June 14 and completed its initial funding goals of $25,000 in 30 mins. New stretch goals and campaign-exclusive products are going to be announced between now to July 13, 2022, at Noon PT. Don’t miss out on this fun combo to own Stafford’s finest works and a new party game to try with friends. And maybe some family (Choose wisely).

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