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The Stranger Things Gang Goes to War with Vecna in Season 4 Vol. 2 (Trailer)

The war for Hawkins continues on July 1st when Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 drops the final, epic-length episodes of the season onto Netflix.  The scattered groups had a mix of victory and potential defeat as the main group of Hawkins managed to get Steve, Robin, and Eddie out of the Upside Down but Nancy became caught in Vecna’s twisted mental clutches while Joyce and Murray managed to find Hopper, but are still trapped in Russia with a Demogorgon on the loose.  Meanwhile, Mike, Will, and Jonathan managed to get a possible location where Eleven is being held, a lab run by her “father”, Dr. Brenner, who is trying to restore Eleven’s powers, and Eleven learned the true identity of Vecna and his connection to Hawkins and herself.  This Vol. 2 trailer is absurdly epic, with an incredible remix of Kate Bush’s now #1 hit song “Running Up That Hill” and some crazy glimpses of the fight ahead, which some of the cast might not make it through, check it out below.

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