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Jason Momoa Faces His Final Battle in August in See Season 3 (Trailer)

One of the first Apple TV+ Originals, See is coming to an end with a third and final season in August.  Jason Momoa is back as Baba Voss, who has fought for years to protect his family, even taking on his ruthless brother Edo Voss (Dave Bautista) and his armies.  The third season sees Baba Voss having to return from his self-imposed exile to help his family, who are still at war with a rival state, thanks to the manipulations of the former queen, Sibeth (Sylvia Hoeks), who was overthrown, for now, by Baba’s wife Maghra Kane (Hera Hilmar).  It looks like the post-post-apocalyptic world of See has rediscovered explosives, which will drastically affect the battles of the final season and all the warring nations are looking to control and use those individuals who can see, as most of the world has been blind for generations.  Season 3 begins on August 26th and you can check out the trailer below.

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