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Best Friends Get Trapped 2,000 ft Up in Fall (Trailer)

If you’re a fan of trapped in one location movies, it seems like you should definitely keep Fall on your radar.  Starring Grace Caroline Currey as Becky, she’s reeling from a climbing accident that killed her father.  Lured back into climbing by her best friend Hunter (Virginia Gardner), the duo scale a massive 2,000 ft abandoned radio tower.  Reaching the top, the ladder they were climbing gives away, trapping them with seemingly no way back down.  The duo has to figure out how to survive and get down before the intense heat and lack of supplies take their toll.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Mason Gooding co-star and the movie was directed by Scott Mann, who previously directed Heist and The Tournament.  Fall is out on August 12th and you can check out the trailer below.

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