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A Nun Battle Demons This Halloween in Prey for the Devil (Trailer)

Just in time for Halloween this year, the new demonic possession horror movie Prey for the Devil is out on October 28th.  Jacqueline Byers stars as Sister Ann, a nun who attends an exorcism school despite the fact that nuns are not allowed to perform exorcisms in the Catholic Church.  The head instructor, Father Quinn (Colin Salmon), recognizes that Ann has special talents and needs to learn to defend herself against a particular demon that is moving between victims and is the same demon that possessed Ann’s mother when she was a child. Virginia Madsen, Ben Cross, Christian Navarro, and Nicholas Ralph co-star, and the movie was directed by Daniel Stamm, who has prior demonic experience from directing The Last Exorcism back in 2010.  The movie looks suitably creepy even though demonic possession is becoming a little played out in the horror genre, at least the mainstream theatrical horror, and you can check out the trailer below.

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