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Everything Action Theater: ALF

In case you missed it earlier this year, everything is coming up ALF this year, with Shout! Factory getting the distribution rights to all things ALF and promoting classic ALF content along with developing new projects featuring the one and only Gordon Shumway, performed by Paul Fusco.  One of the results of this new deal is that the entire classic 80s series is available for free on Youtube and you can watch the first episode below for the latest Everything Action Theater.  Debuting in September 1986, ALF ran for four seasons and the character became a pop culture icon, appearing outside the series at events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and various talk shows along with getting a number of animated spin-offs and specials and tons of merchandise.  The show ended on a cliffhanger that was somewhat resolved 6 years later in the special TV movie Project ALF.  Check out the premiere episode below thanks to Youtube and check out the rest of the show there, or over on places like Prime Video and Pluto.TV.

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