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Get Locked Inside Spirit Halloween in the Fall (Trailer)

Chances are every fall you see an abandoned storefront near you turn into a Spirit Halloween to fulfill all your costume and decorating needs.  Now the Halloween superstore is getting its own movie, appropriately titled Spirit Halloween.  The movie follows a trio of friends (Jaiden J. Smith, Donovan Colan, Dylan Martin Frankel) who decide to hide out and get locked inside their local Spirit Halloween for a night.  Unfortunately, they chose the one night where the spirit of an evil local businessman (played by Christopher Lloyd) can come back and possess objects and people and he takes over the various animatronics to try and get his revenge on the boys.  A local girl, played by Marissa Reyes, is in the store as well and Rachel Leigh Cook co-stars as the mom of one of the boys.  It seems to be borrowing from stuff like Stranger Things and Goosebumps but with a much more modest budget, although it was shot in an actual Spirit Halloween store.  Hopefully, it’s at least better than the disappointing, to us, Willy’s Wonderland from last year and you can check out the trailer below.

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