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Elsie Fisher Has to Drive Out a Demon in My Best Friend’s Exorcism (Trailer)

Based on the novel by Grady Hendrix, My Best Friend’s Exorcism is coming to Prime Video at the end of September.  Set in 1988, Elsie Fisher stars as Abby Rivers, who is best friends with Gretchen (Amiah Miller).  After a girls’ trip to a remote cabin, Gretchen starts to act differently and Abby becomes concerned.  Consulting with local mall exorcist Christian Lemon (Christopher Lowell), who is also a member of a Christian-themed motivational group a la the Power Team, Abby starts to believe that Gretchen has been possessed by a demon and works with Christian to help perform an exorcism to rescue her friend.  The book was called a mix of The Exorcist and Heathers and it’s being produced by Christopher Landon, who directed the horror comedies Happy Death Day (and 2U) and Freaky, so hopefully, it has the same fun horror vibe as those movies.  Damon Thomas is the director of My Best Friend’s Exorcism and he previously directed episodes of Dracula (2020), Nightflyers, Killing Eve, and Penny Dreadful.  My Best Friend’s Exorcism is out on September 30th and you can check out the trailer below.


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