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Finn Jones Digs Into the Past in The Visitor (Trailer)

Coming from Blumhouse in October, Finn Jones tries to uncover the secret past of a small town in The Visitor.  Jones plays Robert, who moves with his wife, played by Jessica McNamee, back to his wife’s childhood hometown.  Robert is surprised to find paintings around their new home that looks shockingly like him but are clearly someone who lived there a long time ago and the townspeople all act like they already know him.  As he tries to dig deeper into the identity of his historical doppelganger, the darker secrets of the town begin to be exposed.  Susan McPhail, Donna Biscoe, Victoria Harris, Thomas Francis Murphy, Shanna Forrestall, and Dane Rhodes co-star, and the movie was directed by Justin P. Lange, who previously directed The Dark and The Seventh Day.  The Visitor is on Digital and On Demand on October 7th and then will be available on Epix in December.  Check out the trailer below.

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