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Acting Research Goes Wrong in Devil’s Workshop

An actor researching the role of a demonologist for a potential role finds more than he bargained for in Devil’s Workshop.  Timothy Granderos stars as Clayton, who is a struggling actor and desperately wants the demonologist role being offered to him, although he has competition from fellow actor Donald (Emile Hirsch).  Looking for an edge and to research the role, Clayton connects to Eliza (Radha Mitchell) online but soon learns that Eliza has knowledge of demons and dark forces because she may be one herself.  Chris von Hoffmann, who previously directed Monster Party and Drifters, is directing Devil’s Workshop.  It seems like it might be worth checking out for Radha Mitchell alone, who seems like she’s going to be devouring scenery and having fun with an evil, demonic role.  The movie is out in select theaters, on digital, and on-demand on September 30th and you can check out the trailer below.

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