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Action Hero of the Week: Bud Jablonski

Name: Bud Jablonski

Occupation: Pool cleaner/vampire hunter

Family: Jocelyn Jablonski (ex-wife), Paige Jablonski (daughter)

Allies: Seth, Big John Elliott, Heather, Mike Nazarian, Diran Nazarian, Troy

Enemies: Audrey San Fernando, Klaus, various vampires

Weapon(s) of Choice: Shotgun, Glock 45 “Snake Eyes”, Knives, assault rifle

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote: “There you go. The old vampires-are-just-like-us routine. But they’re not, Seth. You know what I see when I see a vamp? Big old dollar signs. Cause all they are is murderers and liars. It ain’t Brad Pitt in a leather jacket and some blood raves. It’s not Eclipse. It’s not New Moon. It’s not Breaking Dawn Part One. It ain’t like that all right?”

See Bud in Action:

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