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Everything Action Theater: Dawn of the Dead

Arguably director George A. Romero’s magnum opus, 1978’s Dawn of the Dead is one of the greatest horror movies of all time.  As a zombie outbreak wrecks havoc across America and the world, a group of survivors hole up at a shopping mall, which seems great at first with all the fun products and supplies available, but things quickly deteriorate as the hordes outside get bigger and the tensions inside the mall get higher.  The movie features groundbreaking special effects from the master Tom Savini, who also appears in the movie as Blades, and it’s one of the most influential horror movies ever made.  All zombie movies going forward are inevitably compared to Romero’s masterpiece and it inspired movies like Shaun of the Dead and the actually great Zack Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead.  You can watch the entire classic below thanks to YouTube.

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