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Musical Montage: Metropolis “The Darkest Side of Night”

The Friday the 13th series has also had a good relationship with heavy metal and hard rock, with musicians like Alice Cooper and Lion providing songs to entries in the franchise.  For Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Takes Manhattan, the hard rock duo Metropolis provided “The Darkest Side of Night” as the theme song for the movie.  Metropolis was formed by Stan Meissner and Peter Fredette, who teamed up for “The Darkest Side of Night” in 1989, and then it was a full decade later before their one and only album, The Power of Night, was released, which featured “The Darkest Side of Night”.  Meissner was a long-time composer and songwriter, working on his own songs as well as songs for acts like Celine Dion, Eddie Money, Eric Clapton, and more.  He also composed and wrote songs for other movies and TV shows like Ghoulies 3, Friday the 13th VII and VIII, Friday the 13th: The Series, and Tales from the Crypt.  There doesn’t seem to be any official music video for “The Darkest Side of Night”, so unfortunately you don’t get to see Metropolis rocking out with Jason Voorhees but you can listen to the song below.

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